Mass Effect 2 is coming to the PS3… what?

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So Mass Effect 2 is coming to the Playstation 3. Words cannot express my disappointment and rage at this announcement, and not for the reason you would think.

Let’s get this out of the way right now, I don’t care about the console war, I just like games. There are things I like about each of the consoles, and things I equally don’t like. I don’t like console ignorance, PC elitism, and I certainly don’t endorse people putting down another person’s purchase or chosen method of gaming for the shear fact they can get giggles out of it. And while I shouldn’t have to state this I own both a PS3, and Xbox 360 and they live in harmony in my gaming life. So understand that I don’t care about this factor of Mass Effect coming to PS3. I’m happy for PS3 gamers I really am, I’m just disappointed that they’re not getting the first game.

Mass Effect is a series that is all about the story. It revolves around continuing the adventures of Commander Shepard from game to game. Taking you’re saved data and importing it into the sequel. So why on earth would you cut out the first third of a trilogy out of the equation? Bioware is essentially robbing Playstation 3 owners out of a full experience with this release, and are giving them desert without dinner.

Yes, the Mass Effect 2 story can be taken autonomously, but it really kind of sucks that way. I know this is a fan thing, but the default story leading into ME2 from the first is incredibly limited in the fact that you’ll end up a renegade and all real connections with the first game will be missing. Obviously this makes sense there is nothing like hearing a bunch of inside jokes but you just rob yourself of so much by doing that.

Bioware has come out before enumerating how many transferred details factor into changing the Mass effect 2 from 1, and the number is SEVEN HUNDRED. While these range from small insignificant things like getting email from someone you helped or how quickly the clean up after an incident is, the main hang up I have with it is just all the big things PS3 gamers will be missing out on.

I don’t know what they can do, maybe they can make PC save data transferable, or have an interview mechanic to determine the past. (You know like the one long rumored to be in ME2 that wasn’t there for new characters?) I just am totally at a loss, i don’t know.

The press release promises hours of “bonus content”, I don’t know what that means. If they are just referring to the DLC packs, or if it’s new content. We will see in the upcoming months.

The point is; Xbox fans shouldn’t care, PS3 fans should feel slightly jipped, and PC fans can continue being ambivalent, while I continue raging in a corner about injustices that technically don’t matter.

PS3 fans grid your loins for love, Mass Effect 2 comes out next January… or better yet buy it on PC, if you refuse to buy an Xbox, then you could have the whole thing right now!


*I still don’t really consider a game released on one console and the PC all that exclusive anyway.
*I don’t know why everyone is so antsy for ME3; I mean Mass Effect 2 just came out this year. Give it time.
*Remember when in one of my notes I said that ME2 already had code that implied a PS3 release, yea…
*“Sony and Microsoft aren’t paying you for your loyalty” now if I could only remember who said that.

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