Mass Effect 2 has gravity-defying elevators

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Shephard: Half the game is them staring at my butt. I need to get into the gym more.

Hallelujah our prayers have been answered. If you’re like me and LOVED(read: infatuated) with Mass Effect, then you know some of the problems the game had: texture loading during groundside missions, boring side plots, copy-pasta planets/dungeons and loading screens designed as elevators. I mean, you had to take an elevator to go to the freaking bathroom in that game. Drove me insane.

Well apparently Bioware has heard our cries of anguish and boredom. know, never heard of them either) is reporting from Comic-Con that our prayers have been answered.
Casey Hudson, the Executive Producer of the Mass Effect franchise, talked about these life-sucking elevators at a panel.

“We now have the fastest elevators in the industry,” he proclaimed when answering a question about the offending devices.

Great. So that means ME2 will have elevators that smash people up and down with their G-forces. That sounds slightly more entertaining than the canned conversations from the previous one.


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