Marvel’s San Diego Comic-Con Aftermath

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Don't ask but Xopher pointed out that the swastika was pointed in the wrong direction...

San Diego Comicon has brought forth a lot of new new in the Marvel movie news, First up is an artist’s rendering of what a Hugo Weaving as Red Skull would look like (see the full article). People can say whatever they like; Captain America is going to be awesome.

you have to squint, but you can see it waaaay off in the back.

Also shown at SDCC this past week, was “The Destroyer” behind Odin’s throne from the up-and-coming Thor movie. The Destroyer has been used by Loki on several occasions in his attempts to destroy Thor. We’re assuming that the true villain of the film will likely be Loki, and I think that all of the major fights will probably involve Thor and The Destroyer.

Oh and in an offhanded fashion, Marvel also announced that Mark Ruffalo will play Bruce Banner in the Avengers movie being directed by Joss Whedon.

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