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Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Rumor

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This Please!

Will Capcom finally give the fans what they want? Can it possibly be that after so many years and consoles, that we will finally see the sequel to Marvel vs Capcom 2? Some signs point to yes.

Now, before we get accused of starting rumors, keep in mind that Capcom themselves announced a while back that there was indeed another versus title coming out. This was about the same time that Tatsunoko vs Capcom hit the Wii.

We’re not the only ones saying that MvC3 is going to be that title…in fact, the same group of super sleuths from Team Spooky, the guys who were responsible for leaking the SSFIV roster recently, have said that Marvel vs Capcom 3 might be THE versus game Capcom is making.

The guys at TS think that it won’t be until May that the rumor is proven, though most of us here at MWN think that it might just be a big unveiling at their ‘Captivate’ event that they’ll be hosting in Hawaii next week.

Either way, I’m a Capcom fighting game whore who will gladly hand over $40 for the same game with 4 new characters…color me excited.

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