Evan Burkey

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Is Out, Gets Gorgeous Release Trailer

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The game that no one thought possible hits store shelves today, and you better believe I’m riding the hype train all the way to Nerdtown.

The Marvel vs Capcom series is one of my all time favorite fighters. I can’t even begin to count the hours I spent on MvC 1, heck it was the reason I bought a Dreamcast all those years ago. After Marvel was purchased by Disney, fighting games fans figured we’d never see the likes of a third entry to the series, but today we can get our grubby hands on it, and I am excited. The above launch trailer features the awesome looking CGI that the MvC 3 team has been putting out.

So, who else is picking up Marvel vs Capcom 3 today? I’ll be on Xbox Live all night tonight getting beat by 12 year olds and having a great time.

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