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Marvel to Make Halo: The Fall of Reach Comic

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You'll come to find that John's special skill is his luck.I’ll admit, I’m an abject Halo whore. I’ll defend this series until the ends of time. The game series was singlehandedly responsible for my bad grades in my Junior year of college (thanks to me buying an Xbox and Halo: CE instead of books). I’ve read all of the books, watched the movies, end even the graphic novels that have led up to the announcement that I’m making today.

Marvel, is going to be making a comic adaptation of the first novel in the Halo saga, “The Fall of Reach”! Tell me that’s not exciting.

No, this isn’t the same IP that Bungie has coming out this fall with Halo: Reach, rather this is the origin of John 117 (aka Master Chief) from the games guys like me have been lapping up for years.

If you don’t know the story, let me give you a synopsis:

The year is 2517 and the UNSC has colonized hundreds of worlds, maybe even thousands. When there is the threat of armed insurrection and rebellion against the UNSC, the government gives the green light to the SPARTAN-II project.

It is here that story of John begins, plucked from his homeworld in his childhood and raised among fellow peers that were also chosen by the UNSC, it was on Reach where he was taught the art of warfare, was modified past human status and given implants to further facilitate his incorporation into the specially designed for SPARTAN candidates, MJOLNIR armor.

The program is tough and claims the lives of many potential soldiers, but we come to find all of the training necessary as the war with the Covenant breaks out and unites all of humanity in a common goal.

The first issue being created by Marvel and 343 Industries (taking over for Bungie), is being penned by Brian Reed and will be drawn by Felix Ruiz. Expect to see the four-part series to hit your local comic retailer this September.

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