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Marvel Tips WPR on New Carnage Comic!

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Who can resist Carnage? He’s a fun character to read and heck, I sometimes want him to beat the crap out of Spiderman. Keep an eye out for this is December, yeah, it’s a long ass time away, but just from these promo images, I’m thinking it’s worth the wait for this five issue run.


Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Clayton Crain
Price: $3.99
Rating: T+

It’ a whole new meaning for “red state” as Carnage’s maniacal reign of terror continues, courtesy of the critically acclaimed creative team of Zeb Wells and Clayton Crain, in Carnage USA #1 (of 5)! With Carnage leaving a wake of bloodshed and lunacy throughout the nation, Spider-Man and the Avengers must go on a brutal hunt to capture Cletus Kasaday before the American heartland falls under his mass-murdering spell.

Buckle in and prepare for a violence packed adventure as Carnage, joined by a symbiote army, continues his vengeance fueled comeback. Destined to be the most mind-blowing cross country tour fans have ever taken, Carnage U.S.A. wants YOU!


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