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Marvel Super Hero Squad Online – Trailer

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Awwww itty bitty wolverine, ain't he cute now that he doesn't have all those adult issues?

Before you guys start bitching, you should already know that there is a comic series that exists ALREADY called Marvel Super Hero Squad, and it’s geared towards a younger Marvel audience…and it’s usually a blast to read.

Much like watching shows like Spongebob Squarepants as an adult, there are all types of inside jokes and innuendo that are weaved into this kid’s series that make the entire thing readable at any age.

The game is being develped by Gazillion Entertainement and will be coming out sometime in the second quarter of 2011…so about this time next year, I can have my little girl go online and start beating up tiny Doom, or tiny MODOK with either Iron Man or itty bitty Hulk. It looks to be interesting to say the least, but people need to keep in mind, this probably isn’t in your age group, but think of your children.

Thanks to @masonrhade via Twitter for the link.

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