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Marvel Has Released A New Guardians Of The Galaxy Poster And 5 Character Featurettes

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Earlier this week, Marvel unveiled the debut trailer for the highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy and the internet exploded with excitement. The trailer was universally well received and liked, but after watching just about everyone said in unison….Who the hell are the Guardians of the Galaxy? Luckily Marvel understands that this is not a well known team of superheroes, and it looks like they are going to do everything possible to help us get to know the Guardians. The new poster showcases the characters well, while making sure to remind us that they are in the same universe with Marvel’s other more well-known heroes. Along with the new poster, Marvel has also released five new featurettes that each focus on a different Guardian. The best one has to be Rocket’s, if for no other reason than we finally get to hear him speak. Give the videos a watch, and rest assured that by the time Guardians of the Galaxy launches in August we will all know these heroes much better. I predict “I am Groot” will become a household saying, if hasn’t already…

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