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Marvel Announces Sam Wilson as New Captain America on The Colbert Report

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Yesterday, Marvel chose the morning talk show The View to reveal the plans for a new female Thor will be on comic shop shelves this October. Tonight, Marvel announced on The Colbert Report that new Captain America will be Sam Wilson, The Falcon. This change is strictly in the comics, not in the films per Marvel Chief Creative Officer, Joe Quesada.

The Falcon via Marvel Database

The Falcon via Marvel Database

Sam Wilson is black. Colbert commented, “Doesn’t this make him Captain African-America?” There was some banter between Colbert and Quesada about not seeing color. And they joke that not seeing color would make it difficult for Quesada to work in comics. Lol, I guess. That is the Colbert shtick after all.

But seriously, this is great news. Two announcements in two days from Marvel that expand the representation in major titles at one of the “Big Two.” Whether you feel that these announcements are only for headlines, olive branches because something else is not going to happen (like no female-led movies announced at San Diego Comic-Con International this week), or that this is a real attempt at changing the trajectory of representation in comics toward a diverse and inclusive catalog, only time will reveal sincerity or ulterior motives. Right now, let’s hope for the best and support Marvel’s effort.

While Whoopi Goldberg waxed poetic over the female Thor on The View and the crowd cheered wildly when prompted. The announcement on The Colbert Report came direct from Joe Quesada. This crowd was not prompted to cheer until the end of the segment. So the announcement fell a little flat unfortunately. But the show was not short on enthusiasm. Mostly from Colbert himself.

Before Quesada appeared on set. Colbert ran down the current Cap arc with aplomb and humor. Pointing out what happens in Issue #21 that precipitates the need for a new person to take up the mantle of Captain America. The crowd chanted “Stephen” in hopes Colbert himself would take over as Captain America on the comic page. He does own a shield after all. Quesada did bring an image of Colbert as the new Falcon. It was pretty sweet. And the catch phrase for Colbert’s Falcon per Colbert himself, “Why did the Falcon cross the road? For justice motherfucker!”


You can see all of The Colbert Report‘s previous superhero coverage on the show’s website.


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