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Marc Singer Returns to V

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I hate to admit it, but I’ll probably watch V when it returns this January. I watched all of the first season and I don’t know why I did. I guess I suffer from battered viewer syndrome because this isn’t the first shitty TV show that I’ve returned to season after season, remember Heroes?

Well the new season of V is coming back soon enough and it’s only a 10 episode season…but that’s not a selling point. I’ll tell you what has sold me this season, the fact that Jane Badler and Marc Singer are returning to the series.

Marc Singer especially…cause he’s The Beastmaster!

Seriously though, we’ve heard today that he’ll be returning to V (he was on the original show as well) and will show up on the second season finale as a character named Lars Tremont who is part of a group of ranking military and government officials who have suspected and believed that the Visitors aren’t there for their so called ‘altruistic’ reasons.

I hope that all out war breaks out this season so we can start seeing lizard faced actors and all sorts of action. Please, no more of this 4 person resistance bullcrap.

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