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Manga Review: World Trigger Volume 7

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World Trigger Volume 7 continues following Border’s attempts to thwart the Neighbors’ invasion.

World Trigger Volume 7

World Trigger Volume 7

Written by: Daisuke Ashihara
Publisher: Shueisha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: October 6, 2015

The beginning of Volume 7 sees the Neighbors discovering Chika’s large Trion level, and they decide to change their mission somewhat and capture her. Meanwhile, Tamakoma Squad arrives on the scene to help out Osamu and the C-Ranks who are trying to take on one of the Neighbors’ Rabits.

As the volume progresses, the danger level increases as several humanoid Neighbors come onto the battlefield at three different fronts. Two are sent to take on Osamu and Tamakoma Squad and capture Chika. One appears where Kazama Squad is, and one is sent to where Suzunari-1 and Azuma Squads are located.

World Trigger Volume 7 jumps around to the various battlefronts, and even inserts a couple of flashback sequences. One of the flashback sequences shows Replica explaining some information to Border’s higher-ups. The other flashback was more interesting, though, because it provides backstory for Shiro Kikuchihara, a member of Kazama Squad. We get to learn what his Side Effect is, what his thoughts about it are, and how he became a member of Kazama’s squad. This was a nice bit of character development for Shiro, since he’s a character that’s appeared in the series but hasn’t really done much up to this point. World Trigger has introduced a lot of characters, and it was nice to see one of these characters finally receive some attention in order for the reader to learn more about him.

Jin and Yuma, who aren’t currently involved in any of the battle fronts, also get some scenes. I have to admit that the jumping around between locations got a little dizzying to me at time as a reader, and that made it a little harder to keep track of what was going on and where it was happening. But by the end of the volume, one of the groups is able to make significant progress at their battle front against a Humanoid Neighbors, while another group has to bail out. Unfortunately, this squad’s retreat allows the humanoid Neighbor they’ve been fighting to do something rather unexpected and attack Border’s headquarters.

But Volume 7 has a lot of action going on in it. In that respect, it does help to make the volume a faster read. But the action can be hard to follow with all of the jumping around that takes place. So for me, this made it harder to truly remember everything and retain what information was revealed in this volume.

The biggest problem that World Trigger seems to have is adding a whole bunch of characters, but not offering development for most of them at this point. Right now, I find it’s easy to forget most of their names. There just isn’t enough here for me to differentiate and identify several of them if they’re not in Tamakoma Squad. Kazama is one of the few non-Tamakoma Border agents that I know at this point. Hopefully, the amount of characters being added to the mix will slow down, and that readers have better opportunities to get to know the characters who have already been introduced.

World Trigger Volume 7 isn’t a bad volume, but you may need to read it more than once in order to make sure that you know what’s going on where. Readers who are fans of this series should appreciate seeing the advancement of the Neighbor invasion arc, as well as the attention that Kazama Squad receives.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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