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Manga Review: World Trigger Volume 5

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World Trigger Volume 5 focuses on Osamu, a B-Rank Border agent, along with new Border recruits Yuma and Chika. It’s their dream to all become A-Rank agents so they can go on missions into the Neighbors’ world in order to save Chika’s brother and friend.

World Trigger Volume 5

World Trigger Volume 5

Written by: Daisuke Ashihara
Publisher: Shueisha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: April 7, 2015
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Volume 5 begins with Osamu being challenged by Soya Kazama, the leader of the A-Rank Kazama Squad. Even though Osamu knows he’s outmatched, he agrees to the challenge so he can get data on Soya’s fighting style for future reference. As expected, Soya is easily able to defeat Osamu repeatedly. But after Soya lets it slip that Jin had given up his Black Trigger, Osamu decides to give this one more try because of the sacrifice that Jin made. In this final match, there’s a surprising outcome that gets Osamu noticed by others. Unfortunately, as the news spreads about Osamu, the facts start getting twisted and make him feel uncomfortable.

And if feeling uncomfortable wasn’t bad enough, Osamu is approached about having a Solo Rank War. Osamu agrees, only to discover after being defeated repeatedly that he was up against Shun Midorikawa, an A-Rank Border agent. Shun comes across as extremely arrogant, so it was easy to dislike him right off the bat. By the end of Volume 5, though, Yuma manages to put Shun in his place and help to humble him. It turns out that Shun had his reasons for his behavior. While his reasons don’t justify the behavior, it helps the reader understand why Shun had been acting so cocky in the first place.

Near the end of the volume, it’s revealed that Border is predicting that the Neighbors will launch a large-scale invasion soon. Commander Kido summons Yuma and Osamu in order to get answers to his questions. Yuma reveals Replica to Kido and the other top brass, but Replica is hesitant to reveal the information he has until he receives assurances from Kido that nothing will happen to Yuma. After a brief tenseness, Kido passes Yuma’s test, since his Side Effect doesn’t sense that Kido is lying. Ashihara’s portrayal of the tenseness was very effective for conveying what was at stake in this scene.

Border’s top brass, along with the reader, is treated to a much needed explanation of the Neighbors’ world, as well as some brief information about four of the Neighbors’ countries. It was nice to finally get some kind of explanation for the Neighbors’ world, since it had been mentioned a couple of times in passing in rather vague ways. While this exposition may not necessarily have revealed a whole lot, some exposition and explanation is better than nothing.

A scene with Jin and Shuji near the end of the volume seems to drop a hint for something that could happen later. Jin has seen something happen to Osamu in the future with his Side Effect, and asks Shuji to help out when this event happens. Shuji doesn’t accept the request, but Jin mutters under his breath that he knows Shuji will do it because he saw it with his Side Effect. Now if that isn’t dropping a major hint to the reader, then I don’t know what is.

Volume 5 ends just as the Neighbors launch the predicted large-scale attack. There isn’t much to say about this, since the attack is just starting when the volume ends.

This volume officially introduces two new characters: Shun Midorikawa and Izuho Natsume, a girl who’s learning to be a sniper alongside Chika. The two girls seem like they’re starting to become friends, and this will probably be a good thing for Chika. She’s been hesitant to have friends since her large Trion power attracts Neighbors, and her previous best friend was kidnapped by a Neighbor. But now that she can meet other people in Border who are training to fight the Neighbors, this should hopefully start to make it easier for Chika to make friends.

World Trigger Volume 5 did a great job of successfully continuing the story from where it had stopped at the end of Volume 4, which should satisfy readers who have been following the series from the beginning. The story at this point also continues to have the action and character interactions that long-time readers should come to expect and enjoy from World Trigger.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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