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Manga Review: Voice Over! Seiyu Academy Volume 11

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Voice Over! Seiyu Academy Volume 11 focuses on Hime Kino, a high school girl who is part of Holly Academy High School’s voice acting department. She has a gruff voice that doesn’t work well for female voice acting roles, but she’s been given a chance at fame by posing as a boy named Shiro in order to get work. But having this double identity is causing problems for Hime.

Voice Over! Seiyu Academy Volume 11

Voice Over! Seiyu Academy Volume 11

Written by: Maki Minami
Publisher: Hakusensha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: June 2, 2015
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Volume 11 begins with audiences falling in love with Shiro through Hime’s improved acting in Cruel Octalia. But since no one has seen Shiro’s face, the public becomes fascinated with wanting to see what he looks like. Hime’s manager cooks up a publicity scheme to build off of the frenzy, which includes involving the band AQUA. But there’s drama involved, since both members of AQUA know Shiro’s true identity but not both of them like Hime. Mizuki really likes Hime, but Shuuma feels that she’s getting in the way. But when Hime ultimately has to help Shuuma out of a predicament, this forces Shuuma to rethink his opinion of Hime. I thought this was some nice character development for Shuuma, and maybe he’ll start treating her better than he had been up to now.

A fair bit of Voice Over! Seiyu Academy Volume 11 focuses on Hime as she discovers that she’s falling in love with Senri. But Hime’s feelings become complicated when Mizuki confesses that he’s in love with her. I had to feel sorry for Hime during this volume, because she was so confused over this whole situation. But she ultimately made the decision that I thought she was going to, and I appreciated the scenes that takes place right after Hime gives Mizuki her answer. I felt that Mizuki and Hime’s reactions afterward were both realistic.

Senri is also shown trying to figure out how he feels about Hime. Right near the end of the volume, Senri discovers what Hime’s home life is really like, and he tries his best to comfort her. Over the course of this volume, we see that Senri is trying to drop the walls he’s put up around himself and be around others more. To me, this scene where Senri tries to comfort Hime is the culmination of all the work he’s put into changing himself. This scene also seems to hint that perhaps Hime and Senri could potentially become a couple.

Volume 11 ends on a surprising note, when Hime’s manager tells her that she has one final role she’ll play as Shiro before retiring the persona. Hime is shocked to discover that she’ll be starring in a production alongside her idol and Senri’s mother, Sakura Aoyama. It’s hard enough for Hime to keep from fangirling since she’s disguised as Shiro when she meets Sakura, but the situation becomes complicated when Sakura says she wants Shiro to live with her like he’s her real son until they finish recording. This is where Volume 11 ends, so there’s a lot of potential for so much to go wrong over the course of Volume 12. It’s going to be hard enough for Hime to hide the fact that she’s really a girl, but since Senri doesn’t know about her double identity, she needs to make sure he doesn’t find out she’s living with his estranged mother while disguising herself as a boy. I already want to read Volume 12 in order to find out what’s going to happen, but I have to wait until it’s released.

This volume continues utilizing the cute look that’s been there since the beginning of the series. There’s also plenty of sparkly screentones being used in many of the panels in this volume. But at this point, the story has become so riveting that it’s easy to overlook just how sparkly the backgrounds can get at times.

Voice Over! Seiyu Academy Volume 11 does a great job continuing from where Volume 10 left off. Relationships are a major factor in this volume, and this should have a strong appeal to readers of the series who enjoy that particular angle of shojo manga.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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