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Manga Review: Trigun Maximum Omnibus Volume 4 from Dark Horse

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Vash the Stampede also known as the Humanoid Typhoon, the expert gunslinger classified as a localized disaster finally comes face to face with his brother Knives. Tensions are high as the two super powers face off in the epic battle that’s been decades in the making. The city around them trembles at their immense power and even thousands of miles above the planet, hovering space ships can feel the tremendous force of these two super entities. One fueled by destruction and chaos the other striving to protect the living creatures of the world, an epic battle of good vs evil!

Trigun Maximum Omnibus Volume 4 cover via

Trigun Maximum Omnibus Volume 4 cover via

Trigun Maximum Omnibus
Author: Yasuhiro Nightow
Publisher: Shōnen Gahōsha
English Publisher: Dark Horse
Release date: August 6, 2014

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Being a long time Trigun fan, seeing the tension between Vash and Knives finally come to a head, sure gets my blood pumping. High pace action along the surface of the desolate planet and high above its orbit, might be doing it too. Jumping between Knives and Vash planet side and the galactic struggle up in space is double the suspense as it seems each transition scene seems to end on a cliff hanger.  Always hungry to find out what happens in the next fight, but you just can’t bring yourself to skip over the one you’re reading. Both are just so great! Although here and there the transition seems to fumble and you might have to re-read a page or two, overall it’s not too confusing to follow. Peppered between these ferocious battles is back story between the brothers and some insight in how Knives and Vash’s relationship deteriorated making them who they are today–also why their trying to kill each other!

Trigun Maximum Volume 4 finishes the story of Vash the Stampede, set two years after the original manga, Trigun. Maximum has more of a serious and definitely more violent tone than its short run predecessor. A classic anime/manga series and with the release of the omnibus, it’s even easier to bring home the series. Each omnibus volume contains three of the original manga volumes, a great way to get caught up on Vash’s newest exploits. Trigun Maximum is a must own for any shonen manga fan!

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