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Manga Review: Tiger & Bunny Volume 8

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Tiger & Bunny Volume 8 shows what happens to Wild Tiger and the other heroes as they try to stop Jake Martinez from taking over Stern Bild.

Tiger & Bunny Volume 8

Tiger & Bunny Volume 8

Written by: Mizuki Sakakibara
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: November 10, 2015

Volume 8 has a strong emphasis on Wild Tiger and Barnaby as they try to extract information about Jake out of a NEXT that has sided with him but is now reconsidering his decision. But this leads to a confrontation with Jake, with Barnaby wanting revenge for the death of his parents. The fight between Jake and the two heroes shows a different side to Barnaby, and it gives Wild Tiger something to think about. During this section of the story, the reader also learns what happened to Rock Bison, since that had been left hanging at the end of Volume 7.

Meanwhile, Doc Saito figures out how to stop Kriem’s bears and exosuits, and the heroes who are available are sent out to plant jamming devices around Stern Bild. This part of the story leads to Blue Rose, Fire Emblem, and Dragon Kid being sent out to go after an armored vehicle which is believed to have a fleeing Jake Martinez in it. This pursuit of the armored vehicle, along with Wild Tiger and Barnaby’s fight with Jake, are the main times that action and superhero powers appear in this volume.

Tiger & Bunny Volume 8 continues to deviate from the anime series, and the most interesting deviation here is getting to see Jake Martinez have a flashback to his childhood. The flashback gave the reader insight into Jake as a character, and it helps to explain his motivations for what he’s been doing. I thought this was a nice touch, since the anime never addressed Jake’s backstory at all. When I watched the anime, I just had to assume that Jake was simply an evil person trying to antagonize Stern Bild for fun. The backstory presented for Jake in the manga almost makes him a sympathetic character.

The manga continues taking basic elements from the Tiger & Bunny anime but presents them in a different way. At first, I wasn’t entirely happy with the changes that were made, but at this point, I find I can better appreciate what the manga author is trying to do with the story. It may not be exactly the same as what was presented in the anime, but it’s still recognizable as Tiger & Bunny to readers who are already familiar with the series.

Even though the story may have evolved and changed from the anime, I appreciate that the art in Tiger & Bunny Volume 8 continues trying to remain as faithful as it can to the anime’s character designs. In some respects, it seems like there’s not quite as much detail being used in the art now compared to earlier volumes, but the change in quality doesn’t distract the reader too much from the story that they’re reading.

Readers who have read and enjoyed the previous volumes of the series should appreciate what they see in Tiger & Bunny Volume 8, especially the backstory that is provided for Jake Martinez.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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