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Manga Review: Spell of Desire by Tomu Ohmi

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Tomu Ohmi follows the success of her fantastic supernatural romance series Midnight Secretary with Spell of Desire, a brand new series full of desire and magic!


Spell of Deisre
Story and art by: Tomu Ohmi
Publisher: Viz Media
Release date: August 5, 2014

A must for Tomu Ohmi fans. Order you copy of Spell Of Desire GN Vol. 01 today!

Kaoruko Mochizukl is simple girl who runs a quiet little herb shop in her quiet little seaside town. Following in her dearly departed  grandmother’s footsteps, Kaoruko’s desire is to become a great herbalist and do what she can to help the people in her town. At least that was the plan until Kaname Hibiki enters her shop. Dressed all in black with a mysterious air about him, Kaname seems to know all about Kaoruko’s life even though they have never met before. But before Kaoruko can toss the wierdo out of her shop he reveals that Kaoruko’s long lost mother is not only alive but one of the most powerful black witches, but the witch queen! Kaoruko discovers that she comes from a long line of witches and her mother, The Great Black Witch, has sealed some of her tremendous power into her daughter. Now the young shop keeper must learn to control her alluring power with the help of Kaname, a Knight of the coven, but is the only way to control her powers really with a kiss?

With witches being one of my favorite supernatural creatures, I thought Spell of Desire did a fantastic job romanticizing the world of witches and magic in a not too over the top way. No crazy magical battles or dueling sorcerers, but subtle uses of power that don’t take away from the characters and their relationships.  I can’t tell who I like more in the series, the cool headed mysterious Kaname or the sweet innocent Kaoruko, but I do know I love them together! Their relationship is much different from Tomu’s previous romance, more light hearted and teasing involved but still with a sultry undertone that can still make me blush. I’m looking forward to where Ms Ohmi takes their relationship and what sort of obstacles the coven and Kaoruko’s power the two must over come in upcoming volumes. Spell of Desire is a bewitching tale that is hard to put down and perfect way to warm you up on these cold Autumn days. Check out Tomu Ohmi’s newest series today!


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