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Manga Review: One-Punch Man Volume 3

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One-Punch Man Volume 3 focuses on a man named Saitama. He’s a superhero for fun and can defeat an opponent with just one punch. He has taken on a disciple named Genos, a cyborg wanting to avenge the death of his family at the hands of another cyborg.

One-Punch Man Volume 3

One-Punch Man Volume 3

Written by: ONE
Publisher: Shueisha Inc.
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: November 3, 2015

Volume 3 sees Saitama and Genos taking the Hero Association’s certification exam in order for Saitama to officially be recognized as a hero. Not surprisingly, Saitama easily exceeds expectations on the physical exam, and breaking a few records along the way. But at the end of the testing, the reader is surprised to learn how Saitama and Genos ended up ranking and what hero classes they ended up achieving. I thought the scene where the two of them get their scores was rather amusing.

But Saitama apparently didn’t pay attention to the rules for his hero class, because he has to learn from Genos what will happen if he doesn’t stop any crime for a week. And since Saitama was only paying attention to news reports of big crimes, he has to try to find some kind of petty criminal to stop within a couple of days in order to remain on the hero registry. Saitama ends up stumbling into a crime when Speed-o’-Sound Sonic decides to challenge him for revenge. Of course, Sonic wasn’t intending to help Saitama out of his predicament, so that makes this section of the story rather humorous.

From what I’ve seen, it seems that Genos is more of the brains between him and Saitama, yet he still seems naïve at times. There was a great scene in this volume where Saitama is making up some “wisdom” on the fly, and Genos writes down everything that Saitama says. Genos definitely serves as a perfect foil for Saitama.

Volume 3 also introduces two Class-A Heroes, Spring Mustachio and Golden Ball. When they investigate a monster in City Z, they get more than they bargained for. It’s not hard to predict who ends up triumphing over the monster, but something that results from that victory is rather funny.

This volume also includes two bonus manga. The first is a story that takes place before the series began, during the time that Saitama was training to be a hero. It was just so weird to actually see Saitama with hair. This story wasn’t bad for what it was, and it allowed the reader to see some backstory from a time that took place before the start of the series. The other bonus manga focuses on Saitama providing encouragement to a Class-B Hero. While this was a story with a good message, I just didn’t think it truly added much of anything in the long run.

Overall, One-Punch Man Volume 3 is very light-hearted in nature and includes the humor that readers have come to expect from this series. It also helps to establish the Hero Association and some of the heroes that are part of the organization. This volume successfully continues to establish Saitama and Genos as characters, in addition to starting to expand the world of the series. Readers who have read the previous two volumes of One-Punch Man should not be disappointed by the story and humor that’s present in Volume 3.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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