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Manga Review: Nisekoi: False Love Volume 9

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Nisekoi: False Love Volume 9 focuses on Raku Ichijo and the complications he has from pretending to date Chitoge Kirisaki. Their fathers are the heads of rival yakuza gangs, and they hope by having their children pretend to date that it will keep the peace between their groups.

Nisekoi: False Love Volume 9

Nisekoi: False Love Volume 9

Written by: Naoshi Komi
Publisher: Shueisha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: May 5, 2015
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Volume 9 starts out with two chapters focusing on a big running event at Raku’s school. With all of the grumbling going on in the classroom, the teacher decides to sweeten the deal for the boys’ race by saying that the winner gets to kiss the girl of his choice. Of course, this fires the boys up, and Raku decides he has to win the race so no other guy could potentially kiss his crush, Onodera. The other boys gang up on Raku during the race, and this leads to quite a few hijinks. When I read this chapter and saw what the teacher did to encourage the boys to participate, I couldn’t believe that she had done that. Fortunately, there’s a twist at the end of the storyline that I hadn’t predicted, so it ended up not causing any real issues for anyone once the race was finished.

It’s now spring break, and Chitoge and Raku have one of their scheduled dates on April Fool’s Day. Chitoge has realized that Claude, who usually stalks the two of them on their dates, isn’t watching as much, so she and Raku don’t do romantic gestures like holding hands when they’re out. She decides to use April Fool’s Day to her advantage in order to force Raku to do some of those small gestures, but she gets more than she bargained for. The humor is derived from Raku going overboard, since Chitoge told a whopper of a lie to try to get what she wanted. But at least Chitoge learns a lesson once all was said and done.

A new school year begins, and Raku and his friends are now all second-year high school students. Onodera’s younger sister, Haru, is now a first-year at the school, and much of Volume 9 focuses on her interactions with Raku. When Haru is being accosted by some upperclassmen, Raku comes to her rescue. Unfortunately, she passes out so she doesn’t see her rescuer clearly. But she decides that her rescuer must be her “Prince Charming” and that she needs to find him. Haru has heard rumors about Raku, and when she officially meets him, Haru hates him. She also keeps insisting that Raku needs to stay away from her older sister.

With the hatred that Haru has for Raku, it’s not surprising that Komi kept trying to find ways for these two characters to have to interact with each other. But we see that the hate Haru has isn’t always a constant. At times when Raku tries to be friendly, Haru will sometimes start agreeing with him. When she realizes she’s doing this, though, she’ll become upset with herself and changes her tune. Haru also has Raku’s locket, because it had come off when he had taken her to the nurse’s office when he saved her. But poor Raku just can’t seem to convince Haru that it’s his. This element isn’t resolved by the end of Volume 9, so I imagine that this will be a running thread for at least the next volume or two of the series.

The final story in Volume 9 sees Paula, another member of Chitoge’s father’s gang, trying to set Tsugumi up with Raku. Over the course of the final two chapters, Paula finds that the schemes she tries to pull backfire. Personally, this story and the two chapters about the race were my least favorite parts of this volume. When it comes to Nisekoi: False Love, I tend to like the stories that add a new element to the series or help aid in character development. The chapters that focus more on the hijinks than on advancing the characters tend to not do as much for me.

Even though I didn’t entirely enjoy Nisekoi: False Love Volume 9, I think that long time readers and fans of the series will like getting to know Haru and seeing the various hijinks that Raku finds himself in due to all of his various potential love interests.

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