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Manga Review: My Love Story!! Volume 7

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My Love Story!! Volume 7 focuses Takeo Goda, a large high school boy who believed he would never have a girlfriend. Now he’s going out with Rinko Yamato, and the series primarily focuses on their relationship.

My Love Story!! Volume 7

My Love Story!! Volume 7

Written by: Kazune Kawahara
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: January 5, 2016

Even though Takeo and Rinko both appear in Volume 7, they actually aren’t the main focus of the story. At the end of Volume 6, Takeo learned that Yukika Amami is the mystery girl that has been sending Makoto chocolates every year with an unsigned note with the same message. In Volume 7, she admits to Takeo that she’s been in love with Makoto for years, but is too shy to approach him and talk to him.

Takeo decides to take it on himself to help Yukika out. This results in some awkward scenes, but when Makoto says he remembers Yukika from preschool, she unexpectedly blurts out her feelings for him. But he doesn’t outright turn her down after she convinces him to get to know her better before making a final decision. You have to give Makoto credit for how he handles this situation, since most guys would have had a much different reaction.

Rinko ends up getting pulled into the story as well, by trying to give advice to Yukika and helping her out when she needs it. While this story ultimately ended the way I expected it to, I was still impressed by how much character growth that Yukika showed by the end of Volume 7.

My Love Story!! Volume 7 also gave Makoto a chance to be in the spotlight for once. He’s an intriguing character and is usually not the main focus of the story, so this volume allowed the reader to get to see a little more of Makoto and witness how he deals with these situations that involve Yukika.

When it comes to the art, I think that Makoto was given some panels that really stood out. Makoto also had some good reaction shots, which is rather unusual. Makoto is usually shown being so laid back, so seeing him actually react to a situation with surprise is a nice change of pace. Also, when I saw Yukika, I couldn’t help thinking that she kind of looked like Mirai Kuriyama from the Beyond the Boundary anime series.

Overall, I enjoyed the story in Volume 7 as much as I did in the previous volumes of the series. Even though Takeo and Rinko weren’t the main focus this time, I thought this made for a nice change of pace. Even though the story was highlighting different characters, I thought the volume still retained the storytelling elements that readers have come to expect.

Fans of this series will not want to miss out on My Love Story!! Volume 7. Makoto finally gets a story that focuses on him, and readers will also enjoy seeing the friendship that Yukika develops with Takeo and Rinko.

The reviewer received a review copy from VIZ Media

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