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Manga Review: My Love Story!! Volume 6

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My Love Story!! Volume 6 focuses on Takeo Goda, a large boy who thought he’d never have a girlfriend. But now he’s going out with Rinko Yamato, and the series follows the two of them as their relationship progresses.

My Love Story!! Volume 6

My Love Story!! Volume 6

Written by: Kazune Kawahara
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: October 6, 2015

The first half of Volume 6 focuses on Takeo’s mother being near the end of her pregnancy. She acts like most women do right before giving birth, but Takeo doesn’t understand it and freaks out a bit. It’s sweet that he’s so concerned for his mother, but the way he shows it can also be rather humorous. But when Takeo’s the only one home when his mother starts going into labor, he needs help from Makoto in order to get his mother to the hospital safely because he’s panicked and not thinking straight. This storyline has a good mixture of seriousness and humor, which made it a delight to read.

The remainder of My Love Story!! Volume 6 focuses on Takeo’s adjustment to becoming an older brother and his anticipation for Valentine’s Day, which is right around the corner. Takeo’s so excited about the prospect of getting true love chocolate instead of simply getting obligatory chocolate on Valentine’s Day that he’s having a hard time containing it. Seeing this out of such a big guy is hilarious, but it’s also very sweet.

One of the things I really liked about the Valentine’s Day story is how Takeo and Rinko decided to open up the day to spending it with their friends, since a most of them aren’t currently in romantic relationships. They could have been selfish and decided they just wanted to spend that day together, but they thought of their friends instead.

Valentine’s Day also brings about a mystery for Makoto. Every year he receives a lot of chocolate from girls, but there’s always one with an unsigned note that simply says that he doesn’t need to get anything for her in return and to just love her back. Near the end of the volume, Takeo appears to figure out who the mystery girl is. But at this point, we don’t know whether or not he’ll say anything to Makoto. And the way Volume 6 ends is with a cliffhanger, right as Takeo learns the identity of the mystery girl.

My Love Story!! Volume 6 is incredibly sweet. In fact, it’s probably the sweetest of the six volumes that have been released up to this point. Takeo’s new baby sibling is so adorable, and it was cute seeing Rinko wanting to hold the baby so much. You’d almost think she was the baby’s older sibling instead of Takeo. There was also a nice touch of character development in this volume when we get to see a flashback of how Takeo’s parents met. It was amazing to see Takeo’s father so much in this volume, since he’s hardly been seen in the previous five.

Takeo and Rinko continue to be goofy lovebirds, but that’s a major part of the charm of the series. The humor that’s involved with their interactions also helps to offset some of the awkwardness that comes with the fact that they’re both in their first relationship.

Readers who are fans of this series will not want to miss My Love Story!! Volume 6. The series has been building up to Takeo becoming a big brother, and fans won’t want to miss the introduction of his new baby sibling.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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