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Manga Review: Meteor Prince Volume 2

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Meteor Prince Volume 2 focuses on Hako Natsuno, a girl dubbed the “Queen of Bad Luck” due to the strange accidents she finds herself getting into. One day, a naked alien prince named Io falls from the sky and tells Hako that he’s come to Earth to mate with her. After they spend time together, Hako finds herself falling for Io. However, Io’s aide Argo arrives and says that Hako’s wavelength doesn’t match Io’s, so she’s not his intended mate. Io has fallen in love with Hako and says he wants to stay on Earth and be with her.

Meteor Prince Volume 2

Meteor Prince Volume 2

Written by: Meca Tanaka
Publisher: Hakusensha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: April 7, 2015
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Volume 2 begins with Io and Hako trying to start dating and building their relationship. Hako’s bad luck seems to cause Io to be struck by lightning when he tries to touch her, but he takes it in stride. The awkwardness in their interactions is cute and adorable, and the reader finds that they’re rooting for the two of them to become a couple. But in the midst of being so lovey-dovey, Hako finds herself feeling a little unsure of things since this is her first relationship. Her worst fear is that Io could fall for another girl.

Just as Io tries to assure Hako that he only has eyes for her, a naked alien woman falls from the sky. Her name is Tania, and she’s the one who is actually Io’s intended mate. Tania throws herself at Io, but he says he’s already in a relationship with Hako. Argo tells Tania to try to seduce Io away by using Earth rules, and Tania becomes a rival for Hako and an obstacle for her relationship with Io. Once Tania is introduced, she ends up playing an important role for most of the rest of Volume 2.

As time goes on, Hako and Io’s wavelengths become more similar, and Io asks Hako to marry him. Of course, Tania is unhappy with this development, so she tries to run things when Hako takes Io to meet her parents. Tania ends up finding an ally in Hako’s younger brother, who seems to object to Hako and Io’s relationship. Having Tania and Hako’s brother team up together added an interesting angle to this aspect of the series.

And speaking of siblings, Io’s brother Yuro is also introduced. He has been asked to go to Earth to try to break up Io and Hako. Yuro’s arrival causes something major to happen to Io and leads to the climax of the story.

It turns out that Meteor Prince only has two volumes, so the climax of the final storyline also serves as the climax for the series. In some respects, the elements that were introduced in Volume 2 could have been utilized to make the story last a little longer, but it was probably for the best that the series ended at this point. The series is sweet but it’s also on the strange side. And while Volume 1 felt more fresh and original for a shojo series, I can’t quite say the same thing about Volume 2. This volume feels like it had to rely more on tropes, such as the introduction of a rival, in order to keep the story going.

The art style in Meteor Prince Volume 2 is consistent with what was seen in Volume 1. It’s not bad for what Tanaka is trying to do, but there’s nothing to make it stand out from many of the other shojo manga series that are already out in the marketplace.

Meteor Prince is a shojo series that’s a light, quick, and easy read. So if you need a story that’s not going to make you think very much, or if you’re in the mood to read a short manga series with a love story, then Meteor Prince Volume 1 and Meteor Prince Volume 2 would probably be worth checking out.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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