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Manga Review: Master Keaton Volume 6

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Master Keaton Volume 6 is about Taichi Hiraga-Keaton, an archaeologist and an insurance investigator for Lloyd’s of London. As he travels around for his investigations, Taichi comes in contact with people who have interesting stories.

Master Keaton Volume 6

Master Keaton Volume 6

Written by: Hokusei Katsuhika
Publisher: Shogakukan
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: March 15, 2016

Volume 6 includes a couple of stories that involve people close to Taichi that he’s known for a long time. One story involves a female friend from his childhood who seems to be the target of a murder plot due to her success in business. The other involves a young man Taichi knew from his school days who comes from an Italian mafia family. Of these two stories, I thought the one about the old school friend was the stronger one. It was interesting to see the normally confident Taichi having to deal with something rather unexpected that causes him to realize that he didn’t know everything he thought he did about his friend.

Another memorable story in this volume sees a group of wannabe detective boys trying to meddle in a case that Taichi is investigating. Of course, the kids are rather cocky and think they can solve the investigating faster and better than Taichi can. But, not surprisingly, the boys end up getting themselves into trouble, and it’s predictable what Taichi ends up doing. Fortunately, since Taichi is a father, he knows how to handle kids, which comes in handy when he encounters the wannabe detectives multiple times.

But not all of the stories in Master Keaton Volume 6 focus on Taichi. The very first story in the volume focuses on his father, who is asked to mediate in a dispute between two older gentlemen. Later on, Taichi’s daughter Yuriko helps an elderly Japanese woman whose bag has been stolen by a thief. As Yuriko tries to help the woman, she learns there’s a sweet story connected to her, which makes Yuriko even more determined to help.

I also found it interesting that an antagonist that Taichi encountered and injured in an earlier volume reappears here. This antagonist wants to get his revenge on him, but it turns out he’s heavily involved with an incident that Taichi is investigating. Since this antagonist made a sudden reappearance, it’s likely he may also return again due to how this particular story was written. But it was nice to see that there’s the potential for Taichi to encounter characters again that he met earlier on in the series. To be honest, this is the first time that I think that this has happened.

Volume 6 continues to include references to events that would have happened around the time that the manga was originally published. Here, the fall of the Berlin Wall and people fleeing from East Germany to West Germany play an important role in one of the investigations that Taichi has for Lloyd’s of London. Even though these references can date this manga, they add interesting elements to the stories being told in this series.

Fans of the series will appreciate Master Keaton Volume 6. The reader gets to see Taichi have a little more personal involvement with some of the stories in this volume. There’s also a refreshing change of pace with stories that focus on a couple of Taichi’s family members.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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