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Manga Review: Maid-sama! Omnibus Volumes 5-6

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Maid-sama! Omnibus Volumes 5-6 collects two volumes of Maid-sama! into one release. In the series, 16-year-old Misaki Ayuzawa is the student council president at a formerly all-boys’ high school and has to deal with a lot of the boys resenting her. Misaki’s family doesn’t have much money, so she secretly works at a maid café after school. Her secret is discovered by a popular boy at school named Takumi Usui, and it appears that Takumi may have feelings for Misaki.

Maid-sama! Omnibus Volumes 5-6

Maid-sama! Omnibus Volumes 5-6

Written by: Hiro Fujiwara
Publisher: Hakusensha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: February 2, 2016

This volume sees Misaki accompanying her friend Sakura to meet guys from another school who are in a band, because Sakura has a crush on one of the members. But it turns out Sakura’s crush doesn’t reciprocate her feelings, and he has set his sights on Misaki. While Takumi ultimately manages to play his “knight in shining armor” role to save Misaki, this story still has a lesson for Sakura to learn. It was nice to see Sakura getting a story focusing on her, since she’s basically been more of a background character up to this point in the series.

The next story takes up three chapters, and it’s the highest stakes that Misaki has encountered in this series. Tora Igarashi, the student council president of Miyabigoaka High School makes a return, and he’s out to exact revenge against Misaki for what happened back in Omnibus Volumes 1-2. He has decided to try to get his hands on the building where the maid café is located in order to run it out of business and to start up a fancy butler themed restaurant. Misaki is still upset over what Tora did to her, and she vows to do what she can to save the café. They’re holding footman auditions, and two pairs of people associated with the café try to infiltrate in order to try to save the café. While there is some humor involved in this story, it’s overall more on the serious side. And through various events that take place, this gives Misaki and Takumi a chance to get a little closer.

Maid-sama! Omnibus Volumes 5-6 also introduces a new character named Hinata Shintani, who is a new student in Misaki’s class. It turns out Misaki and Hinata knew each other back when they were children, and that Hinata has been harboring feelings for Misaki all these years. With Misaki and Takumi getting even closer in the pages leading up to Hinata’s arrival, it’s not terribly surprising that Fujiwara has introduced an obstacle for their relationship through this shojo manga trope. By the end of this volume, it’s abundantly clear that Takumi and Hinata are going to be rivals for Misaki’s feelings.

This volume spends a lot of its time progressing Misaki and Takumi’s overarching storyline. While Misaki keeps denying that she has feelings for Takumi, it’s becoming clear through her actions that she actually does. However, I don’t think Misaki has come to realize this herself yet.

Maid-sama! Omnibus Volumes 5-6 will appeal to readers who are fans of the series. They’ll appreciate all of the moments Misaki and Takumi have in this volume, and they’ll want to see how Hinata is introduced and his influence on the overarching story.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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