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Manga Review: Magi Volume 15

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Magi Volume 15 features a young man named Aladdin, who is a Magi that has the ability to gather the Magoi of Rukh.

Magi Volume 15

Magi Volume 15

Written by: Shinobu Ohtaka
Publisher: Shogakukan
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: December 8, 2015

Roughly the first half of Volume 15 focuses on Alibaba and his attempts at getting into Shambal Ramal’s gladiator training school so he can learn Magoi manipulation from the Yanbara tribe. Unfortunately, before he arrived, he was robbed and arrives at the school weak from hunger. A woman at the school named Toto turns him away, especially after she challenges him to a sword duel and he loses so easily due to his weakness. But Alibaba has a surprise reunion and is able to regain his strength. Through a chance encounter and another sword duel with Toto, Alibaba makes it into the school. And Alibaba learns something important about his Magoi.

I, along with Alibaba, was shocked to see what the colosseum battle at the school really is. I was just as surprised as he was when he suddenly found himself in a fight with a monster. This fight really keeps the reader on the edge of their seat, especially since there are a couple of occasions where it looks like Alibaba isn’t going to survive. But this fight in the colosseum serves a very important purpose for Alibaba’s overall character development.

The other major focus of Magi Volume 15 is the Kou Empire and the politics that flare up after the unexpected death of their emperor. Hakuryu plays an important role in this section of the story, and it looks like he’s going to find himself embroiled in the tumult that is taking place in the royal family. Also, it’s very strongly hinted during this volume that the death of the emperor could lead to war breaking out and potentially destroying the other lands that the reader has come to know through Aladdin’s travels.

We also get to see a little bit of what’s going on with Morgiana during her journey. We see just enough of her trying to reach where the other Fanaris are, and her encounter with someone warning her about the Kou Empire and the war that seems to be destined to happen. Between this scene, a scene with a new character named Scheherazade, and what is shown of the Kou Empire, I truly believe that Ohtaka is going to have the story head toward the direction of a war being launched by the Kou Empire.

Aladdin also shows up briefly right at the end of the volume. I really didn’t mind the fact that he didn’t appear much in this volume, since there was such a strong focus on him back in Volume 14.

For the most part, it seems that the major purpose for Volume 15 is to lay the groundwork for a forthcoming war. However, there was also some important information and backstory revealed for Alibaba, which seems to be setting the course for what he’ll be doing next after he finishes training at the gladiator school.

When it comes to the art, there are a couple of panels that stand out of the monster during the duel with Alibaba. Also, I thought the panels introducing Scheherazade also stood out, because it seemed like Ohtaka went to some effort to give her an almost radiant and blinding look.

Readers who have enjoyed reading the previous volumes of the series will want to read Magi Volume 15 in order to see what has happened to the protagonists after they have gone their separate ways to pursue their own journey. Also, it seems that this volume will potentially mark a turning point for the series and start taking the story in a new direction. With this potential shift, fans of the series won’t want to miss out on Volume 15.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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