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Manga Review: Magi Volume 13

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Magi Volume 13 focuses on a young man named Aladdin, who has discovered that he’s a Magi and has the ability to gather the Magoi of Rukh to power his magic.

Magi Volume 13

Magi Volume 13

Written by: Shinobu Ohtaka
Publisher: Shogakukan
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: August 11, 2015

Volume 13 sees Morgiana becoming closer with Hakuryu after learning that they learn about each other’s childhood. It appears that Hakuryu may be developing feelings for Morgiana.

We also get to see Sinbad and Kougyoku performing a full-body djinn equip, which leads to them having an impressive sparring match. While they both drastically change their appearances, Kougyoku has a much more noticeable change in her demeanor in this state. Alibaba, who has been struggling with only being able to weapon equip, is impressed by what he sees. But he also feels discouraged at the same time. But Sinbad gives him some information and advice that ultimately leads Alibaba to make an important decision.

Not too long after this, Sinbad and his friends decide to leave Sindria. While they’ll travel together at first, their ultimate goal will be to go their separate ways to accomplish what they need to do. At first, it seems that Alibaba isn’t going with them. However, it’s revealed that Alibaba has stowed away on their ship, and this leads to a scene of comic relief leading up to the revelation to the others that he’s actually on board. This comic relief scene was needed after the seriousness of the character interactions and the intensity of the action that takes place before then.

This comic relief moment ultimately leads to a storyline of the group being attacked by pirates. But they’re not attacked by ordinary pirates. They’re children under the control of a woman who has the ability to make them think that she’s their mother in order to make them do what she wants. This leads to an interesting predicament for Morgiana and Alibaba right at the end of the volume.

There were some great character development moments sprinkled throughout Magi Volume 13. Morgiana and Hakuryu had their scene, Alibaba had a scene with Kougyoku, and the storyline with the child pirates also struck a nerve. And if this wasn’t enough, the ending of the volume has a strong cliffhanger that makes readers want to continue with the story in order to find out what will happen to the characters.

To me, the art in Magi Volume 13 was at its strongest during the sparring sequence between Sinbad and Kougyoku. It drew the reader into the action, and it seemed to have some of the best use of detail. Ohtaka also seemed to put a lot of effort into the design for Madaura, the “mother” of the child pirates.

Magi Volume 13 should be a satisfying read for fans of the series with the mixture of character development, action, and humor that it provides.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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