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Manga Review: Food Wars! Volume 7

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Food Wars! Volume 7 focuses on Soma Yukihira, who is a student at the elite Totsuki Culinary Academy. As a student, Soma is an underdog, but he never gives up on his dream. At this point in the series, he has qualified to participate in the school’s Fall Classic.

Food Wars! Volume 7

Food Wars! Volume 7

Written by: Yuto Tsukuda
Publisher: Shueisha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: August 11, 2015

Volume 7 spends all of its time on the first round of the Fall Classic, and tries to balance out the focus between the competitions in the A block and the B block. The first couple of chapters show the characters as they prepare their curry dishes, and then the remainder of the volume shows the judges trying most of the contestants’ entries.

Unfortunately, once the volume shifts to the judges trying to dishes, the story starts to bog down considerably. With each dish, the reader receives explanations for what each one is, as well as what kind of an effect the various ingredients have. There are some flashback sequences that are included every now and then to provide some character development, but it’s just not enough to help break up all of the exposition that appears in Food Wars! Volume 7. This kind of exposition works well when you’re reading one chapter a week in the Weekly Shonen Jump publication, but having to wade through several chapters in a row that are all done in this style becomes tedious rather quickly.

Although I have to say that there was one particular dish that was sampled that didn’t receive as dry of exposition, and that was the one made by Nao. The reactions to her dish actually provided some comic relief and at least helped to make that judging portion of Volume 7 a little more interesting to read. Unfortunately, Nao’s dish was presented rather early on in the judging, so it ended up highlighting just how tedious most of the tasting ended up being.

With some of the taste tasting, though, artist Shun Saeki tried utilizing the fanservice this series uses when people are so blown away by something that they eat. This usually consists of most of a person’s clothing exploding off of them as they savor the amazing taste. While it’s slightly amusing when it shows up once or twice, I felt it was overused in Food Wars! Volume 7 in order to try to hide how dull this portion of the story really is.

Overall, I think that Food Wars! Volume 7 will be best appreciated by readers who are fans of the series and have followed it since the beginning. As a whole, I think that Food Wars! can be best appreciated by foodies who should have a greater appreciation for all of the explanations about the foods and ingredients that appear in the series. Just as long as said foodies don’t have a problem with some of the fanservice that sometimes appears in the art.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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