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Manga Review: 07-Ghost Volume 16

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07-Ghost Volume 16 sees two of the seven ghosts facing against each other, and what their confrontation brings about.

07-Ghost Volume 16

07-Ghost Volume 16

Written by: Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara
Publisher: Ichijinsha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: May 12, 2015

Volume 16 starts out with the revelation that Karr was Ea and that Katsuragi is Landkarte, which makes them two of the seven ghosts. During their confrontation, the reader gets to see some flashbacks of these two characters during their youth. I thought this provided some wonderful insight into these two characters, and it helped me to better understand these characters’ actions and motivations.

Unfortunately, Landkarte manages to get the upper hand during the confrontation and finds information on Teito by reading Karr’s memories. Landkarte catches up to Teito, who is on the run and is unable to get a reaction from Mikael. But before anything can happen, Frau comes to the rescue. There’s another flashback during this sequence, but this time, it’s from Teito’s point of view. This time, we get to see the truth behind the Raggs War, as well as secrets concerning both Teito and Frau. With all of the revelations that are made throughout Volume 16, it’s becoming even more apparent that the story is close to ending.

During the midst of this epic battle, Teito finds himself wondering if there’s any good still left in Landkarte. But at the same time, Teito believes that he needs to be killed since the Eye of Mikael broke. These two plot elements, which seem to be unrelated at first, come together and have an important impact on the overall plot. But near the end of the volume, Teito learns that something has happened to Frau, and Teito keeps going back in time to try to reach a younger Frau. Unfortunately for Teito, young Frau keeps rejecting him. It’s interesting, and also somewhat amusing, to see the younger Frau interacting with Teito, since young Frau never knew Teito.

I thought 07-Ghost Volume 15 was an intense read, but Volume 16 takes that intensity and increases it at least tenfold. At times, it almost feels like new revelations are popping up one right after the other. For me, this volume was so intense that I didn’t want to put it down at all. I just wanted to keep reading in the hope of receiving more information to help piece the overarching story together. Since there’s only supposed to be one more volume for 07-Ghost, I’m expecting that the intensity level of that volume may be even higher than it was for Volume 16.

I’ve truly enjoyed reading not only 07-Ghost Volume 16, but the past three volumes as well. The intensity level seems to increase in these more recent volumes, with the story coming together in such a way that it’s keeping me interested in the series. Readers who have been following 07-Ghost from the very beginning will be very appreciative of all the revelations, as well as with the plot twists and turns that appear in this volume. The ending of Volume 16 makes for a strong cliffhanger that will make readers want to see the next volume to find out what will happen to Teito.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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