Ryan Thomason

Man V Food Nation: Thanksgiving Special – Review

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I’ve already watched this episode (premiers this Wednesday November 16th, on Travel Channel), and if you’re Man V Food Fan you know what you’re in for. If you’re the hungy type who likes to watch your fellow fat guy eat a bunch of food that looks really damn good then talk about how good it is. THEN have some kind of liner about that piece of food this is what we get.

Some people don’t like the new direction that the show has taken this season, with Adam taking a back seat from the eating challenges and instead “coaching” a local at the challenge and just doing a bunch of stuff in front of the camera.

I really wish Adam would get back to doing the challenges himself, but at least this episode went off from the new path they’ve been working and I had fun watching it. Then I looked in my fridge and ate some frosting out of a can.

For this special Adam explores the nation’s best places to experience the joyfulness of gathering around the hearth with your nearest and dearest. Adam visits a 17th century spread in Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, Massachusetts, the Big Earl’s ‘Leg of Beast’ Feast in Scottsdale, Arizona, a Hawaiian feast at the Side Street Inn on Honolulu, a BBQ dinner at Pete Jones’ Skylight Inn in Ayden, North Carolina and sits down for a traditional Amish Country celebration at the Plain and Fancy Farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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