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Man of Steel plot exposed in Casting Call announcement

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I might be crazy, but I could have sworn we were told the new Zach Snyder Superman movie, Man of Steel, was NOT going to be yet another reboot. Oh well.

Over at ComicBookMovie.com, they got their hands on the official casting call for extra’s and some of the left over small parts. Included in the call, was a quick summary of the project. A quick plot overview, that pretty much says that this will be yet. another. superman. reboot. in. every. sense. of. the. word. Essentially, Superman I.

“In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time. Clark Kent/Kal-El (Cavill) is a young twenty something journalist who feels alienated by powers beyond anyone’s imagination. Transported to Earth years ago from Krypton, an advanced alien planet, Clark struggles with the ultimate question – Why am I here? Shaped by the values of his adoptive parents Martha (Lane) and Jonathan Kent (Costner), Clark soon discovers that having super abilities means making very difficult decisions. But when the world needs stability the most, it comes under attack. Will his abilities be used to maintain peace or ultimately used to divide and conquer? Clark must become the hero known as “Superman,” not only to shine as the world’s last beacon of hope but to protect the ones he loves.

I guess if you happen to be in the BC / Vancouver area, you could always try out for a part. But for the rest of us, who were so very much wanting something different, I look on this as being a negative in the Man of Steel scorecard.

The problem, as I see it, is that we have seen this movie before. I personally have seen this movie at least 30 times (it’s a favorite. Yes, I am talking about the Christopher Reeve 1979 classic, with Marlon Brando, and Margot Kidder [pre insanity]). Not to mention all the comic books, and where ever else. The story of Superman’s rising from lowly beginnings is a classic story. A man of power (or a prince, wizard, warrior, heir) who is unknowingly born of royalty (or power, or prestige, or of a wizarding family) must travel the roads of life, not knowing the truth behind his existance (or his stature, or power, or that magic exists, or this his father was a xenophobic mad man) and not only learning of his great powers (or spider powers) but also of his great responsibilities (like killing Voldemort, or Lex Luther). He must learn to balance his family (even if they were killed by evil doers or wizards, or thieves) and his internal sense of right and wrong (and his desire for vengeance against those who have caused him harm). The hero (or jedi, wizard, or super-spider person) must fight against themselves (or evil ‘bizarro’ versions of themselves) and against their mortal enemies (be it wizard, dark lord of the sith, alien intelligence, or malevolent business man.)

See. Same story. Again and again. It’s called, a hero quest.


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