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Man Meal: Kielbasa and Potatoes

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My four basic ingredient man meal may not be as crazy as The Aporkalypse from yesterday, but it’s simple enough and filling.

Ingredients: one Kielbasa, one onion, one garlic, 7 or 8 little red potatoes

What else you need, Big cooking pan with a lid, salt, pepper, cooking oil or olive oil

First, heat up some olive oil or cooking oil in a\the pan on medium heat.

Now slice up the potatoes into big circles (I’m sure there is a better term, but I’m no chef) don’t make them too think, since it’ll take longer for them to cook. You’re going for quantity here, you want a giant pile of potatoes. Pour them all into the now warm pan and season with salt and pepper.

Cut the ends off your onion and get that outer layer peel off. Slice them up like the potatoes, but when you’re done, cut the slices in half and put them with the potatoes. You should have big long pieces of onions in there.

Slice up your garlic however you want it and add that to the pan, unless you’re a real man, and you just put them in there whole.

Hopefully, you’re not a slow ass slicer and dicer, so your potatoes are burning, remember, medium heat.

Cut up that whole thing of kielbasa, if your spouse or someone asks why you have to use the whole thing, grunt at them disapprovingly. After you add the kielbasa to the pan, give everything a good mix, and toss in some more salt and pepper for shits and giggles. Cover it all up with the lid.

Generally, you want to let this thing cook slowly on medium or medium low heat. You want the steam and everything to do the cooking for you . Check it every now and then, stir it up so nothing is sticking to the pan and once it’s been about 20 minutes, your potatoes should be soft, but not mushy and falling apart.

Plate everything up into one big pile and dig in to this usually greasy and kick ass man meal. If you like mustard, I highly suggest just squirting some over all of it for extra flavoring at the end. If you can somehow eat all of this in one sitting by yourself, you’ve done Crom proud.

Yes, I used a paper plate, I didn’t want to clean a plate afterwards.

I’m a man like that.

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