Making Maki Sushi fun!

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Move over Easy Bake Oven, the Japanese have made the perfect  thing to get your little girl (or big weeaboo) to start working in the kitchen:  The Hello Kitty Sushi Maker.  

Actually, you still have to work to make the sushi like you regularly do:  make rice, season it properly, put the nori on the bamboo roller, cover with rice and fixings, and roll.   Next comes the fun part:  You put the sushi roll in the plastic container that is shaped like Hello Kitty’s head.  You smoosh it in there, and voila!  Your sushi looks like Hello Kitty.  Well, if you planned your fixings to look like her bow, eyes, and nose (remember, no mouth!).

Yes, that sounds a little tough to me.  What has to be more easy is the heart shaped containers, sold separately.

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