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Madden 25 Predicts The Winner Of Super Bowl XLVIII

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And the winner is…..
For the last ten years or so, it has become a tradition for the folks over at EA Sports on the week of the Super Bowl, to use the most current version of Madden to simulate that game and tell us all who they predict will win. The crazy part is, that in those last ten years, Madden is 8-2 in it’s predictions. So using what I suspect to be sorcery and magic, who does Madden 25 pick to be this years champion? The Denver Broncos. The life-long Seattle Seahawks fan in me(Go Hawks!) is not pleased. Madden predicts the Broncos will edge the Hawks in a 31-28 overtime victory. EA also provided highlights of the game that include a Richard Sherman pick-six, a Marshawn Lynch touchdown, and Payton Manning throwing for 322 yards and three touchdowns on his way to also becoming the game’s MVP. So I guess the question is, how much stock do you put in a video game to be able to predict the outcome of a real sporting event. Has technology come so far, that all we need to do is provide a game with all the variables and information and it can magically tell us the future? I sure hope not, I really want my team to win, unfortunately, history it appears, is not on my side. I guess we’ll find out on Sunday if Madden 25 can really predict the future, and crush my dreams in the process. Check out the game highlight video below and let me know if you think the people over at EA have got it down to a science. Also, most importantly, let us know who you’re rooting for this Sunday. Sound off below!!

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