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Mad Men: A Year Too Late

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My wife and I found time to watch the two hour season premiere of Mad Men last night, and after spending too much time pausing at the beginning so we could replay our memories of where things left off I started to become detached.

October 17, 2010. That was the last time a new episode of Mad Men had hit AMC. It’s been nearly a year and a half since I’ve watched Don Draper smoke, drink and be a dick. Much to the swooning of women online who make me remember why I was located in the “Friend Zone” with so many girls until I met my eventual wife. I remember being initially struck with this show because I thought Don was cool and he was a wizard in the advertising world of the 60’s. That seemed to be the focus of the show that drew me in.


My wife said it best during the premier when his new wife was mad at Don and cleaning their apartment in her underwear. /heavy sarcasm “Oh, it’s so edgy now.” /end heavy sarcasm. From there on out, I think she was playing Draw Something on her phone and passively paying attention to the show.

Maybe nothing has actually changed about the show, it could be the exact same show it was since i last watched it in October of 2010. Therein lies the problem, I havn’t watched a single episode since October of 2010. When AMC left me waiting a YEAR to watch new Episodes of The Walking Dead, I was able to ease right into it. The Walking Dead was straddling that knowledge threshold where you can remember where it left off and be able to jump back into it. tacking on another near 6 months from that year wait for Mad Men has left me feeling like I’m watching a show right in the middle and I have no idea what the hell is going on.

I’m not bailing on the show at all, but if I can’t reignite the flame of curiosity that drew me to Mad Men initially within the next two episodes this will just fall into the category of my wife can just delete it after she watches it (If she even sticks around too). I don’t know why the gap in new episodes has such a impact on me, I’ve waited 2+ years for movies to come around with sequels. It might be that the movie can be re-watched in a 3 hour timeframe, instead of trying to cram 12 hours of a season into my busy schedule to refresh my brain.

AMC might have siphoned out the people like myself who have been finding themselves feeling less dedicated to their show because of the long year and a half wait for new episodes. Diehards are probably salivating and delighting in all the Mad Men-ness going on now that the show is back, much like I was when The Walking Dead returned for the second season after a year break.

I just can’t find myself jumping onto the Man Men ship as vigorously as I used to.

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