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Mad Max ‘Fury Road’ Movie Update

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I don’t know if I’ve said it enough, but I absolutely love post apocalyptic settings. So as the kid that got to watch all things Mad Max growing up yeah, I’m kinda excited for this new movie. If it ever gets off the ground.

Zoe Kravitz (you might notice her as Angel Salvadore in X-men: First Class) talked with MTV Movies giving us a little bit of the details behind what the heck is happening with this far too delayed project:

“I heard the other day that we should be good to go in mid-January, we’re supposed to go to Australia to start. I guess there’s a point where you say, ‘yeah, yeah, yeah,’” she laughed. “But I hope it gets made. They’re saying it is. I’ve had this role now for over a year and they’ve done a great job at staying in contact and reassuring me that the film is going to happen. They’ve put together such a cool cast and I know they’ve started building a lot of the vehicles and cameras and they’ve really been in pre-production for such a long time, so I think it’ll happen.”

The annoying thing is, we don’t even know what her character is reallyIS yet. We’ve had the name forever “Five Wives”, so Zoe did at least give us a little insight beyond that:

“There’s a group of five women being taken from one place to another place, and I’m one of those women,” she teased. “So they call us the five wives. There are five women who are five wives. No, I’m not playing all five wives.”

I’m still hopeful that this movie will take root and finally get some production done, it’s been in pre-production FOREVER, and it’s been said that vehicles have been made and cameras ready. George Miller has just been waiting to fill the directors chair, and Tom Hardy (replacing Gibson) is ready to go. Come on people who the hell is dragging their feet to keep this from moving along?

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