Alan Smithee

Machinarium Demo Released

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The one PC game that I’ve been fapping about for the last couple of months, Machinarium, has finally got a demo release. I’m downloading it as I type. You can get your own from FilePlanet if you’re a fan of the PC adventure games of the past, or present like Monkey Island for that matter. It seems you get the first 3 stages to play through. I know for certain that it will not be enough to feed my appetite for point-and-click gaming.

The game comes out in earnest on the 16th of this month for just about every digital distribution outlet you can think of. For sure this is a game that deserves everyone’s support, it’s independent and looks to be a blast. I’ll let you know when I finish with the demo. In the meantime, go ahead and enjoy the extended trailer for the game.

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