Machete casting rumours sounds awesome

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If any of you checked out Robert Rodriguezs awesome grindhouse zombie movie, Planet Terror you’ll already be well aware of the trailer for Machete, a fake film that was part of 4 other trailers that were attached to the front of Grindhouse, the Tarantino/Rodriguez homage to 70’s grindhouse cinema.  Rodriguez has been saying for a while now that he has wanted to turn the trailer into a feature film but he’s one of these directors that talks about a lot of movies and never quite gets round to making them all so I wasn’t getting my hopes up of ever seeing this trailer turned into a full fledged movie.

Well it looks like this is one of those films that is going to get made with rumours of a late July start for filming but for me the most interesting rumours are to do with the casting.  Robert De Niro, Michelle Rodriguez and Jonah Hill have all apparently signed on to appear in the picture, with De Niro taking the role of Senator McLaughlin who I think is the villain of the piece.  With a big name like Robert De Niro attached to the film I’m guessing there’s a good chance it’ll see a theatrical release, his name alone will be able to convince most people to check the film out.

I’ve included the original trailer for the film after the jump, beware it’s NSFW.

Source: Slashfilm

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