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Lynx Tablet Holder Review

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I’m note sure why I never thought to have something like this before. Essentially, I just increased my productivity by just having a clip-on tablet stand. But, the Lynx is a little more than that. From the same company that give us the Spider Monkey, Octa has the Lynx for you to check out.

lynx tablet holder

From a quick perspective, Octa’s Lynx tablet holder looks very modern and simple in design. You push a button to release the clamp. When you have a place you want to put it, you pull back on the lever until it stops clicking. When I handed the Lynx to my brother in law to check out. I didn’t tell him a thing, within 10 seconds he had it secured on the table in front of him. Had it grip his iPhone 6 plus, and started swiping away on his phone. He found want he wanted, then sat back and put his hands behind his head to watch a clip. “This thing is pretty cool.” he said.

I’ve kept the Lynx attached to my work desk since I got it, holding my Galaxy 7” tablet and typically keeping the Google Analytics app up and running during the day. Switching between other business related apps (mmm, Data). Ok, sometimes I watch movies on HBO Go, but, I still get work done! Basically, I added another monitor to my desk, but the thing is, it’s better than a monitor to me. Sometimes I just have the Lynx secure something as small my phone (Galaxy S4) so I don’t have to pick it up when I get notifications. Which for me, is a pretty constant thing all day long. I just glance over at my phone suspended in the air next to me and if it’s a phone call, all you have to do is press a button and the grip that has the device releases its hold. It’s been nice for when I want to get some work done, but one of my kids just wants to sit on my lap. They can grip in their tablet, and watch a show. Sometimes I wish they’d wear headphones, but that’s a different article.

lynx tablet holder

From a functionality standpoint, I love the Lynx. It’s added another dimension to my work abilities by giving me the best way to hold my tablet at the right place and angle I want to stay productive. It’s made the ease of use for devices a heck of a lot better. It’s hard to have any complains about the Lynx, it’s done what I wanted perfectly. I’ve never had an issue securing it to my desk or have ever had to re-secure because it got loose. My tablet has never slipped out of the claw grips, which has soft rubber ends so I never worry about scratching. The claw grip is solid and has survived even my pointed finger bludgeonings of the tablet screen. Nor has the tablet or phone slipped out of the claw grip when twisting between horizontal and vertical viewing on the swivel the Lynx has. Most importantly, my kids haven’t managed to break it.

At the $99 price point, it is a big purchase if you’re looking for strictly personal use. If you want to use it to add to what you do for work then I’d say this is an obvious choice to buy. The TabletTail: Lynx
is available on Amazon right now, check it out there.

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