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Lucy Lawless Joins No Ordinary Family

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I haven’t admitted it here on the blog yet, but I am a huge closeted fan of ABC’s No Ordinary Family. You know, that TV show that features a family of four who find themselves with superpowers after surviving a plane crash in the Amazon…shut up, it’s a great series so far!

I’ll tell you one reason I watch it, Michael Chiklis. I’ve followed this guy ever since Miami Vice (yes I’m old) all the way through The Shield and have decided that I’ll watch just about anything that has him on it…even the less than stellar Fantastic Four movies, which I have to say, him playing Ben Grimm was the best part.

Well fans of the show will have even more reason to watch, and maybe a good reason to drag in more sci-fi fans because TV geek favorite Lucy Lawless is going to be joining the show for a five-episode recurring role. Her character will be a powerful woman (saw that one coming) who might just be an adversary for the Powells. I don’t think they’ll make her super powered, but I could be wrong.

I loved Lucy Lawless for her roles on Xena and Battlestar Galactica and think that her joining the cast on No Ordinary Family will only bring good news to the show which you should give a chance and watch…because I said so. You can catch it online or on Tuesdays at 9 pm ET/PT.

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