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Lucky – Movie Trailer

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What twisted secrets about you would come out if you suddenly found yourself in the public spotlight? Hopefully nothing as bad as we’ll see in the upcoming dark comedy, Lucky.

Lucky stars Colin Hanks as Ben Keller, a textbook example of the average person. He blends into the background at work. He pines after the girl of his dreams, Lucy St. Martin, yet never works up the courage to ask her out.

Then he wins 80 million dollars in the lottery.

For anyone else this would be an amazing stroke of luck, and for a while it seems like Ben’s luck is changing. He finds himself with a new found confidence to woo Lucy, and wedding bells chime shortly after. However, his new found fame has put him under the watchful eye of a detective (played by Arrested Development‘s Jeffrey Tambor), who believes he might be linked to a wave of murders. And he’s right.

Turns out Ben is not so average. He’s been murdering girls similar to Lucy’s description for years.

The movie looks like a light-hearted attempt to capture the “mind of a killer” perspective that Showtime’s Dexter did so brilliantly (a show that, strangely enough, Colin Hanks will be guest starring in next season). Lucky releases in limited theaters on July 15th.

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