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LRE#13: The Losers

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Little Red Envelope

In my mailbox this week:
The Losers

Release Year: 2010
Staring: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans

Back in the 1980’s, I used to sit down on a Saturday night with my sister, enjoy a TV dinner, and watch A-Team followed up by WWF wrestling, while my parents had their dinner in the other room. 20-something years later, someone came up with the brilliant idea of combining those two much-loved TV shows, into one totally awesome movie.

The Losers follows the exploits of an ultra-elite military group, after they have essentially been ‘killed’ by the CIA, the very organization they were working for. They were sent to Columbia to end the reign of an evil drug lord. But their hearts get in the way of their mission, and when a bus load of children acting as drug mules arrives at the target, they have no choice but to interrupt the aerial bombardment and save the children.

But now, a secret member of the CIA, code name Max wants them dead. All the Losers want is to go home to their families.

Good premise? I think so. The Losers is based on a comic book series written by Robert Kanigher, that was first published during the 1970’s. While I haven’t read the original comic book series, I hope to read it after having seen this film.

This film was nothing if not enjoyable. You see, I have been having a few dark weeks. And when my wife and I finally found the time to sit down and watch this film, we had originally decided that we would stop it half way through, and ‘try’ to finish it the next night.

There was no need. We reached the half way point, and were both bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. The film was completely watchable. Action packed, but not over the top. Funny, but not a comedy.If I were to liken it to any other movie (and I realize many will disagree) but I would say it feels like True Lies. I loved True Lies.

Like True Lies, there were certain aspects of the characterizations that were both over-the-top and acute. You have the leader, a little of a bad-ass whom you don’t want to mess with, but has a weakness for the women. You have the woman, sleek, sexy, and with a wicked sharp edge. You have the brains, who is either wise-cracking or blowing your mind.

While on the subject, lets talk about the brains of the group. Jensen, played by Chris Evans. I think I am really starting to develop a serious respect for Evans. Lately, I haven’t seen anything he has done where I wasn’t impressed with his performance. Sunshine, Push, and now The Losers; Evans really seems to be hitting his stride. As Jensen, he is the Go-To guy. The one who does the foot work, and half the time, the crime. I would watch this movie again, just for this portrayal.

The topping on the cake, is Zoe Saldana. Great in her role, but I called the plot twist right from the beginning of the film. Don’t let it ruin it for you, when you get her down to her bra-and-panties, the scene really heats up. Her neck freaks me out a little though. I mean, that thing is REALLY long.

So The Losers gets a high recommend. This movie was a great watch, not too violent, but worth it’s PG13 rating for scenes of Sex and Violence, (with a little language thrown in for seasoning). The little kids probably shouldn’t watch it, but your young teens will probably enjoy it.

How much alcohol did it take: Couple beers, couple shots, great night for a movie.
Rating: 8/10. This movie was fun, nothing more nothing less. There was humor, action, and dialog. I even learned a new phrase, when stumbled upon naked in an elevator.

The Wife’s Retort: One part Tropic Thunder, One Part Oceans Eleven, One Part Quantum of Solace, add a dash of ‘hot chick’. Shake vigorously and pour through a strainer. You get an awesome, yet funny, action movie.

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