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LRE #25: The Other Guys

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Little Red Envelope

In my mailbox this week:
The Other Guys

Release Year: 2010
Staring: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg,
Samuel L. Jackson, Dwayne Johnson, Eva Mendes

New York City cops are stuck in the shadows, behind two legendary detectives; one by choice, one by force. But when something happens to the the star detectives, it’s left to the Other Guys to solve a perplexing financial sector caper.

You know, sometimes it can be a little tough to write up a quick synopsis that will fit inside of the header on the article. Short but succinct. Enough to read, but not so much as to give away the article. The Other Guys is kind of like this. What I thought I would be getting was another stupid buddy cop movie staring Will Ferrell as a bumbling idiot, and Mark Wahlberg as the uber-macho super hero.

I was pleasantly surprised by what I actually got. For the most part I can stand Will Ferrell movies. I mean, there is an occasional good film. (Zoolander, Jay and Silent Bob, Blades of Glory) but for some reason, the other ones just don’t agree with me. Will Ferrell is always Will Ferrell no matter what movie he is in. Think of it as bit casting.

Mark Wahlberg is very similar. There have been a few exceptions where he has really shone (Boogie Nights, Three Kings, Date Night) but again, the majority have been Mark Wahlberg acting as Mark Wahlberg.

Will Ferrell just seems to project ‘bumbling,’ which is unfortunate.  But on the other hand, Wahlberg always projects his masculinity. Amazingly enough, The Other Guys found a pretty fun balance.

Allen Gamble (Ferrell) was still bumbling through the movie, but was presented with good cause. He was doing exactly what he wanted to do with his life, to be positioned in the safest place possible. Staying out of the drama, and choosing to be an officer with a desk job. He loves the paperwork. He had never even shot off his gun.

His partner Terry Holtz, (Walhberg) was on the fast track in his career, until a simple mistake cost him his respect and the Yankees a shot at the title.  Now, stuck behind a desk also, Terry can’t stand Allen. His rage, and I do mean RAGE, is building to the point were the smallest thing sets him off on a wild rampage. Like a peacock, he just wants to fly.

The Other Guys also brings in a great list of supporting actors; Steve Coogan, Michael Keaton, Dwayne Johnson, Samuel L Jackson, Eve Mendez, and others bring a novel story that was fun and funny. It really came across as being a good old fashion buddy cop comedy. You find yourself laughing one moment, and the next covering your eyes because of the embarrassment you feel for the on screen characters.

All in all, the movie was a good time, and worth the viewing. Well, until it got to the very end. For some reason, the producers decided that the best thing to lay the end credit sequence over, was a bunch of animated info-graphics depicting how corrupt the government, and big business are. Information like the disparity between the working class, and the owning class. Or the division of funding to AIG during the financial collapse. There is a minor point of connection between the credits and the rest of the film, and the result is that the credits seem ‘preachy’. Trying to impart some sort of message that would have been better to convey during the movie, than at the ending.

If you are in the mood for a funny movie, this fits the bill. It doesn’t spend too much time thinking about itself, or trying to take itself too seriously. I don’t think anything in the film made me laugh as much as the police captain (Keaton) moonlighting as the night manager at Bed Bath and Beyond. But to each his own.

How painful was it: It was fine until it got to the completely disjointed credits. I can’t believe I am marking a movie down for its credit sequence
Rating: 7/10. It was funny, and I enjoyed it more than most Will Ferrel movies. However, it would have been a 8/10 if not for that damn preachy credit roll.

The Wife’s Retort: I thought it was funnier than he did.

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