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I Love This Town! We’ve got a Ghostbusters Minimates Contest for YOU!

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*Ghostbusters theme song should be playing in your head while you read this whole contest*

That’s right fellow nerds, we’ve got one of the new “I Love This Town!” Box sets of Ghostbusters MiniMates from Diamond Select Toys to giveaway! The box set is the four main Ghostbusters, re-united…for a four-pack based on the final scene of the classic original film! Each 2-inch mini-figure features a new, removable proton pack and various interchangeable parts and accessories (some of them covered with marshmallow). Set comes packaged on a blister card. Designed by Art Asylum! (It’s $19.99 if you want to buy it for a friend/family member on Amazon: Diamond Select Toys Ghostbusters Minimates I Love This Town Box Set While supplies last, and they wont last much longer. )


Also, because everybody should be doing it, we’re including a Ghostbusters Logo Ice Tray! (Srp: $14.99) Next time you have a fancy pants party at your house make sure you serve some scotch with Ghostbuster ice cubes.

Ghostbusters tray

So, what do you have to do to win this awesome MiniMates set and Ghostbusters logo ice cube tray?

Follow us on Twitter and tweet THE FOLLOWING: I ain’t afraid of no ghost. @watchplayread #Ghostbusters #MiniMates — THEN, for a bonus entry (or if you don’t have twitter) leave a comment below answering this question. “What would have popped into your head if you had to choose the form of The Destructor!”

That’s it! CONTEST ENDS SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 16TH AT MIDNIGHT The winner will be notified on Monday morning (Feb. 17th)

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