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Lost’s Alternate Endings

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who's judas here?!?

Let me save you the time of having to watch the horribly thrown together special episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live last night as he interviewed everyone from Lost after the finale aired. The only reason to even watch the special was to see the “3 alternate endings” that they were touting all night to entice fanboys like me to watch.

If you’re an unfortunate soul that doesn’t have access to YouTube at all, let me break down the three endings that they give, though I hesitate to call them alternate endings…they’re more of the kind of ending that you’d leave up to MadTV (if it were on the air still).

First, you have the ‘survivors’ sitting around a campfire discussing what to do now that it’s all said and done…and then, Jeff Probst from Survivor fame comes on the screen and says that Sayid has been eliminated…only to have Naveen say some funny lines about living his life only to be kicked off by Jeff fucking Probst.

Second, the Lost/Sopranos ending…as if we didn’t see this one coming, we get a Sopranosesque ending featuring Hurley playing Tony and picking a Styx song “Come Sail Away” on the jukebox, and Jin playing Meadow having trouble parking the Dharma VW Van.

Finally, the Bob Newhart ending. If you don’t know, google it. The only funny to be had here is Bob laying into Cuse and Lindelof about not knowing that they’re ripping his ending off.

All in all, I was hoping for real alternate endings, but these at least made me giggle for a few seconds before getting back to work hating on the real ending.

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