Lost: The NES Game

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lostTrawling the net this morning I came across this over a .Tiffs blog.  I really wish this was real it couldn’t be any worse than the last game.  Tiff even lists her own ideas for the gameplay:

  • Shadow Level: Play in complete darkness and try to find what literally lies in the shadow of the statue
  • Bonus side-quest: Play as Bram and find Miles a fish taco
  • Play as Locke for infinite lives
  • Play as the Smoke Monster for Kirby-like abilities of assuming other characters’ identities
  • Play as Sayid to unlock the mini-game Shoot the Ben

I’d also like to see the these things recreated in game:

  • A bromance meter for whenever Jack and Sawyer are running around together
  • Naked Desmond bonus level
  • Truma Center-esque operating missions whilst playing as Jack
  • Boar hunting with Locke
  • Music minigames with Charlie

The list could go on, if this were real what else would you like to see in the game? Any indie developers out there fancy making this game out there for me?

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