Lost Planet shows a little Skin

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Are you ready for a familiar face in a not so familiar setting?  For those of you who just made a loud mental”Huh?!” I will clear up what was just said a second ago.  Capcom has announced that if you check out your friendly source of gaming power a. k. a. GameStop and pre-order Lost Planet 2, you will get a little multiplayer bonus.  The first is not so awe-inspiring, that being a revolver added to your weapon cache.  Sure, it is nice for those up close encounters and getting a leg up on on-shot kills, but that doesn’t compare when you get to wander around in the skin of a legend.  A legend by the name of Albert Wesker.  If you are once again unleashing yet another loud mental “Huh?!”, then, first of all, shame on you!  Second, Mr. Wesker was the big bad man that made your life a living nightmare at the end of Resident Evil 5.  If you are curious just how comfortable big Al fits into such an alien setting, then check out the photos that are just a click away.


You feelin' lucky, punk?

A bad ass gun for a bad ass man

A bad ass gun for a bad ass man

Strike a pose!

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