Lost but not Forgotten…

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Where have all the good shows gone? Oh yeah, they get cancelled. Pushing Daisies enjoyed a short but glorious stint on ABC before it was cancelled in June of 2009. The show follows a pie-maker named Ned who can touch dead people and bring them back to life. There are two clinchers that come with Ned’s unusual gift, however. If he touches a person again after he has brought him or her back to life, they will die. In addition, if he does not touch a person he has brought back to life again within a minute, someone else in close proximity will die in their place. When a private detective stumbles upon Ned’s secret, he makes him his partner, reasoning that the best way to find out whodunnit, is to ask the person who got did, or dead. Sounds interesting, huh?

If the premise of the show weren’t interesting enough, there are other factors that make it even more titillating. Director Barry Sonnenfeld was able to utilize his cinematography skills that he had so skillfully honed in movies like Big and Raising Arizona to create a visual masterpiece. The sets are rather Amelie-esque, using the most vibrant and colorful elements from every generation of the last century to create a fantastic yet subtly magical world. For example, two spinster aunts Vivian and Lily do synchronized swimming at an aqua fair that seems reminiscent of Atlantic City in the 1920s and 1930s. That’s not all, either. In addition to having a well-planned, compelling story, the dialogue in Pushing Daisies is jam-packed with charm, wit, and sometimes overtly bawdy humor. To add to the show’s awesomeness, Pushing Daisies also has an amazing cast, most notably Kristin Chenoweth, who plays a perky waitress who has a giant, unrequited crush on Ned.

Another reason I love Pushing Daisies is because it already selected a complementary food for me. Because the protagonist is a pie-maker, pie is the center of  the show’s universe, and rightly so. Like pie, Pushing Daisies might sometimes be a little too sweet, but it is ALWAYS an overall satisfying experience. So, if you feel like pie without the calories, check out Pushing Daisies on Netflix.

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