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Lord Baltimore Meets His Maker

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When we last left Lord Baltimore, vampire demons had set upon his companions in the Chapel of Bones. To what lengths must Baltimore go to stop the plague and finally find peace?

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Baltimore: chapel of Bones #2 cover from

Baltimore: chapel of Bones #2 cover from

Baltimore: Chapel of Bones #2
Writer: Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Price: $3.50
Release Date: February 5, 2014

In Baltimore’s final stand, he fights for his reprieve from the plague that will finally put him to rest. The death of Haigus should finally release him, but what happens in the Chapel of Bones is something quite different. With a shocking turn of events, Baltimore’s friends can’t believe what they are witnessing.

We pick up just after Lord Baltimore’s arrival. As Lord Baltimore cuts down the demon vampires barring his path to Haigus, his companions find fire a useful demon repellant. Dr. Rose is overtaken by a vampire that bites him before Baltimore can slay the offender. An eager Demetrius seeks to join Baltimore in combat; however, Mr. Childress holds him back. The companions’ job in the chapel is to bear witness, not sacrifice themselves in Baltimore’s fight. As Baltimore closes in, Haigus explains how humans brought this plague forth with war and blood. That the sounds of war wound its way through the vampire population just like their plague is spreading among the human population. He pauses to look at Bentley’s painting before announcing there is another plan at work and he is too weary to live in the world the Red King will create on earth. Then, Baltimore drives a sword into the chest of Haigus. The disintegration of the elder vampire makes brings no change in Lord Baltimore. On Bentley’s canvas, the painted demon sprouts crown of fire. Baltimore slashes at the canvas before the four men escape. After all that has happened Baltimore remains alive, yet his heart does not warm or beat as it should. Baltimore rips his heart from his chest and places it on the table before his friends. “I know understand what fate has forged of me. So long as the Red King reigns, there must always be Lord Baltimore,” he says as he departs.

The “Chapel of Bones” is an exciting end to Baltimore’s quest for Haigus. It has all the fantastic art and quality storytelling I expect from this title. So concludes this phase of Baltimore’s saga. Yet as Lord Baltimore goes on, so can his comic series, right?

Recommendation: Just read it. Trust me.

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