Robert Chesley

Longest-Tenured Professional Sports Coach Resigns.

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Jerry Sloan, who first started head coaching the Utah Jazz in 1988, resigned today as one of the greatest professional sports coaches in history.

At a press conference earlier today, Jerry Sloan announced his resignation from the Utah Jazz. Assistant coach Tyrone Corbin will be taking over as head coach of the team.

Generally, news of this sort go unnoticed. It is amazing to be coaching in the NBA as long as Sloan. He has seen over 240 coaching changes since he took the head coaching job in Utah. Personally, I will miss him. One of the most consistent things about the Jazz is that we usually always make the playoffs and Jerry Sloan will get the most out of the players we have. Some of the teams recent struggles lead Sloan to make this decision today. A lot of speculation is that there were some disputes between Sloan and star player Deron Williams which eventually lead to his decision today.

As a fan of basketball, not just the Jazz, coaches like Sloan and Don Nelson were the reason I watched a lot of the teams. Even if the players weren’t as good as other teams, you could always expect them to play as hard or harder than their opponents. His presence will be missed throughout the NBA.


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