Kyle J. Steenblik

Long lost Doctor Who episodes found, in Ethiopia.

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This is likely the best news long time Doctor Who fans could imagine. Well… probably not, I know many fans that have very active imaginations, and some whose imaginations would be criminally suspect. They may have other ideas of what the best news could be. All 106 lost episodes of Doctor Who have reportedly been found, in Ethiopia. However, this is still very good news, and better still, the 106 found episodes account for all that was lost. Even better still, the Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency saved those tapes, so the probability of full recovery looks very, very good.

This news was reported by the UK Mirror’s The Sunday Peopleand has been met with speculation and subdued enthusiasm.  Currently the BBC is in negotiations to recover these tapes.  We can only hold our breath that they will actually treat these tapes with more care than they did the originals.  If you are not familiar, The BBC taped over in the 60’s and 70’s to save money and space, causing the loss in the first place.  Right now, the news is basically that these episodes have all been found.  We should expect a more formal announcement from the BBC sometime before the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, which is due out November 23rd.  My guess is they will announce a tremendous new DVD/Blu-Ray box set of the first and second Doctors.  Assuming of course, they do not accidentally tape over them, again.

As the resident reporter on all things related to Doctor Who, I will post any relevant details as they become available.  For now, I believe we are waiting for confirmation from the BBC that these tapes are authentic, in good condition, and complete.

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